Welcome to the starting guide for the server! Here I'll explain the must know facts about the server.


To start of, we are running the Enhanced Exploration Mod, with all their ships and stations. Generation of these stations are enabled. We also have a few custom stations. The Spawn Station (Name to be determined), The Ship Dealer(Name to be determined) and the Refugee Station. All stations have different purposes:

  • The spawn station is the beginning station of everyone, and this is in the beginning your only respawn. You can buy your personal spawn point at any CUSTOM station, or buy a custom Respawn Pod.
  • The Ship Dealer is the station to buy new ships. At the spawn station you'll receive 10k Credits (By an admin, please call for help when needed) and you can claim your starting ship. Claiming more than 1 ship can cause in a (Temporary) ban. At the Ship Dealer, you can buy ships with your credits earned. Only admins can control the ship dealer, and normal members are not allowed to enter the station without permission
  • The Refugee Station is the place to stay until you have your own ship (Or station). There will be acces for spawn point spots, and you can receive a small room to stay at and store your items. For a bit of rent you can hire a bigger room.

When you enter every of the custom stations, you'll see a LCD displaying the station services. More info on stations in 'Station Rules'.