v0.1.5-pre is out NOW!

Published on 8 November 2019 at 12:05

It's time for an upgrade

v0.1.5-pre is out now featuring alot of new things including a graphics overhaul, UI updates and much much more. Let's get into it.



  • Tables | A new display table has been added to the Furniture Store. This costs $900,- and can store up to 14 products
  • New product | A new product has been added with a price of $310,-
  • Patch Notes | Read a smaller simpler form of patch notes in-game!
  • Replaced "Select Product" screen with a more modern looking screen.
  • Replaced "Store Furniture" screen with a more modern one. This one is based on the product screen.
  • New AI Stores | Ai will now own stores too, though they are not visible yet.



  • GRAPHICS 2.0! This took by far the longest, but it was worth it. We now have a fully rework look and more is coming really soon!
  • UI Updates. As mentioned above we have replaced a couple screens and updated others.


  • Added debug_show_fps | Shows your frame rate.
  • Added debug_disable_ui | Disables ALL UI. Save before entering!



This version can be downloaded HERE. Have fun!

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