Welcome to Steel Space Industries!

Here you can find all info to get you started in SSI. Could also be useful while your application is pending.


Travel Time

First things first, you will need to move to Esescama. Here we have our own EC (Engineering Complex) set up. You can also death-clone to us, though we recommend to fly and pick up some supplies in Amarr while you are at it.


Your average SSI starter-pack

Before you can participate in SSI you will need a ship of course. We provide a free SSI Starter pack for new players (less then 500k SP) with a fully fitted Venture and a hauling ship. You can request this starter-pack by messaging IAmSalt Salty


Okay I got everything, what now?

It depends on what you want to do, but we are pretty open when it comes to Industry. You are allowed to do anything Indy related as long as it does not piss anyone off. 


Mining is one major part of SSI, and we hope to have mining sessions planned every other day. It really depends if someone has time to make a run. You can still mine freely. We recommend selling your ores back to us using our in-house Ore Buyback (found in Discord in #ore-buyback).


Manufacturing is possible too! You can decide to manufacture for yourself, or you can help out SSI by producing for us. This means that when you produce for us, we will pay the mineral price, however when we sell the item(s) we get the mineral price + another 15% so we can keep SSI running. You can ask for a free BPC (soon) or buy your own BP's.


We also do some Low/Nullsec PVP, however this is mostly training ground for defenses. Contact @IAmSalt Salty in our server for more information.