Industry - Corporate

Most of our Industry is corporate-run. This means that all manufacturing is happening under control of the corp. This is currently a semi-open program due to background requirements for safety reasons.


How does this work?

Once you are cleared for production by @IAmsalt Salty you can request blueprints using contracts. Example below:

  1. Choose a blueprint you want to use
  2. Make a contract with this:
    1. Blueprint itself (preferably a BPC)
    2. The required minerals. If not available, buy them yourself. Read further for how we deal with this.
    3. A deposit of 50mil. This is a safety feature to prevent theft. (I will pay)
    4. Set duration to 1 week.
  3. Start production of your item!
  4. Once complete, create a new contract
    1. The produced item(s)
    2. I Will Receive
      1. If you bought minerals from the Corp, put in 50mil (the deposit)
      2. If you bought minerals yourself, put the mineral price in the description. You will get this back!
  5. Once your item gets sold, you will receive the mineral price back + 50% of the profit made.