Mining Payouts


Mining is working trough a contract-based system

  1. Mine some of that sweet sweet ore
  2. Deliver it to 'Salt Factory HQ' in Esescama.
  3. Create a contract with your ore in it.
    1. I Will Receive will be 10k*. We will do the final payment within 24hrs.
    2. Duration should be at least one week
  4. Confirm the contract
  5. Wait approx. 24hrs


For fleets things need to changed up a little bit

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 from above
  2. Create a contract with all ore from the OP.**
    1. Make sure you list ALL character names that participated in the mining op in the contract description. Failing to do so will give you 1 strike. Getting 3 strikes will result in your FC permissions being revoked.
    2. I Will Receive will be 10k*. We will do final payment within 24hrs
    3. Duration should be at least one week
  3. Confirm the contract
  4. Wait approx. 24hrs


*10k payment is for contract fees. You will receive more for your ore!

** ALTS are also counted as players, but can be paid to its owner.


Payment Rates

Some forms of mining have a different payout then others. This is due to the ore concentration and/or types. A list with our taxes below:

Activity Corp Tax Payout
Esescama - Belt Mining 10% 90%
Dital - Belt Mining 10% 90%
Talassonite (Emerging Conduits Ore) 15% 85%