Incursion Orders

Need something spicy for the incursion? Order it here! We buy and deliver you all the items you need with little tax! We also have a portable" Citadel moving with every incursion!

How does this work?

  1. Think of something *spicy* that you need
  2. Fill in all forms, and click "Submit Form"
  3. After review, we will send you a contract requesting a 5% down payment. This is here for insurance. This will be paid back in the final exchange. (Subject to change)
  4. Once we travel to a trade hub, we will buy your item(s).
  5. Once it arrives, we will contract you the item. We leave the contract up for 3 days, so accept it quick or your order will be removed.
  6. Enjoy your sweet, sweet loot!

Okay, what about taxes?

We charge a 10% (subject to change) tax on top of the price of an item (The price we bought it for). For your confirmation we will include a copy of the transaction inside the contract

We charge this Tax for travel time and to keep the structures running.

Are there limits?

Sadly, yes. Here's them:

  • To play it safe, we only allow orders up to 200-210mil ISK. This will be raised the longer this program exists.
  • We have a total capacity of 450 000m3. Anything bigger cannot be transported.
  • We only ship packaged items. (So no already fitted ships. You can order all modules and fit it yourself)
  • We make 2-3 trips to a trade hub per day, depending on availability.

For ammo, we have some rules too:

  • Before placing an Ammo order, please check the HQ market for ammo. There is a chance it is already available in HQ.
  • Our freighters are only going 2-3 timer per day, making it hard to get ammo quick. We usually buy new ammo for the HQ market during these times too.

Alright! I WANT TO ORDER something!

Fill in this form down below!

NOTE: From 22:00 EVE to 07:00 EVE Orders will not be processed. You can still place them, but they will start processing after 07:00 EVE.

We ask for a screenshot so you can prove that you in fact do have the money for the items. If it is too little, your request will be denied. Leaving it empty will result in your order being denied!