Steel Space Industries

SSI focuses on industry being housed in High-Sec. We are being operated by a small group of people and want to expand with the dream of becoming a decent-sized Indy corp.

What We Offer

We currently offer a wide variety of programs and functions for our corp. Here's a small list:

  • Ore buyback by SSI
  • Corporate Industry Program
  • Mining ops at day and night
  • Free BPC Program
  • Our own Engineering Complexes and Refineries
  • Conduit/Abyssal Running (And mining)
  • Close to Amarr
  • Low tax


- Have Discord (and be in our server)
- Wanting to invest time in mining and Industry
- Is at the very least 15 years or older

- Speaks English


Considering to join? Do so by following these steps below:

- Join our Discord
- Fill in our online form below
- Wait until Asillia Salty contacts you

For any questions, feel free to join our Recruitment channel SSI.Recruitment

Considering to join? Fill in this form!

Thank you for being interested in SSI! We ask you to fill in all information below.

We ask you to fill in ALL your alternate accounts below. This is just for a safety precaution. They do not have to join SSI, but are allowed to join.

We are going to be asking a few questions about your EVE experience. Please answer them truthfully.

Thank you for filling out all your information. We will contact you soon!