StarNet | Connecting the Universe

StarNet is a StarBase network connectivity solution available to everyone and anyone. StarNet's goal is to create an universe-wide network with devices used for all sorts of purposes. From just a simple PC running StarOS to a multi-billion factory running with remote commands, everything is possible.



StarNet features a wide variety of purposes. You can send (and receive) messages, file sharing, remote control and "web" access. StarNet will run on StarOS, an OS build from the ground up to run Routers, Servers, PC's and entire factories.


StarNet and StarOS will feature development chips (these can be purchased from Steel Space Division). These chips contain the main functions for use to make a "program" work. There will be options to configure your own input devices as well in the future.



StarOS is a custom build OS used to give devices access to StarNet. This OS is needed to communicate with any StarNet service and to send/receive requests. StarOS is available in the following versions:

  • StarOS Personal
  • StarOS Server
  • StarOS Router (Not available to the public)
  • StarOS Enterprise
  • StarOS Portable
  • StarOS Supercomputer

Below is a list of what every version of StarOS is made for:

  • Personal will feature a very useable interface with input control, interfaces and support for most functions.
  • Server is to host a message server for example for the AF, or anything you want.
  • Enterprise is personal with some in-depth functions which should not be available to every other user.
  • Portable will be a very small version of Personal, with limited programs, space and capabilities
  • Routing is for the routers to reroute the traffic
  • Supercomputer is made for factories and to host a couple of the MRS.