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You are able to create contracts for us to make. On request we will provide the chosen items for you.

Please note that the price will be calculated after we have messaged you.

Contract (Please copy/paste in DM)

Steel Space Division Trade Agreement


This agreement contains all the terms of our trading contract. It is important to read this fully. In any case of outstanding fees we use this as proof. Not delivering your end of the deal could mean a break in the contract.



  • We can terminate the service if:
    • We notice it is being abused.
    • It is being used against the Argentavian Fedetarion
    • We do not get paid within the discussed time frame.
    • You start a war against our NAP members.
  • We can at any time change production time/service price. We will send notifications to everyone using the service 2 days before the change.
  • We are not responsible for any damage during external shipping. We use our in-house shipping service as much as possible, unless stated otherwise.
  • We accept repair contracts, but only if:
    • The product is not destroyed by war (you can get a small discount in that case)
    • The product is not intercepted on the way over, this is high-risk for us too


In case you accept these terms, please write your Company/Faction/nation name,          Discord name+ #tag and your role in your faction/nation below.


Service/Product: _____________________________



__________________________                                Steel Space Industries

__________________________                                Julian#360

__________________________                                Founder of SSI 


SSI is part of the Argentavian Federation. All their import/export laws are always active and in case of conflicting rules their rules are leading. In case you would like to know these, please request them in DM, In-game or get them from DrunkRussianBear (AF Leader).

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