Steel Space Industries

SSI closely works with Incursion groups to provide a portable market and Citadel. Furthermore we provide them with hauling services.

On the other side, we also run High-sec industry inside our HQ. We also tend to mine for the minerals!

current location: Noli

The current spawn is an Island Incursion. Since we cannot guarantee Citadel safety we are not deploying for this Incursion. We're back once we are in main HS!

Current phase: Phase 3

Phase 0🟢 Idea is pitched. In case everything is discusssed we move to Phase 1
Phase 1 🟢 Idea has been approved. Starting demo period for Hauling system (as seen below). Citadel is excluded.
Phase 2🟠 Demo period is a sucess! Time for the citadel. Clone bay installed with Contract-market online.
Phase 3🔴 Citadel has been proved good! Let's scale it up! Citadel Upgraded to a Fortizar