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Steel Space Divison

Steel Space Division is an EVE Online corporation. The corporation is located in High-Sec, in Gallente Space.


For Industry deals (buying ore, minerals etc) contact IAmSalt Salty.


We do all kind of things:

-Exploration (High-/Low-Sec)

-Mining (High-/Low-Sec)

-PVE Combat (High-Sec, Low-sec is not set up yet)


Because our corporation is new, we need to receive money in our corp wallet to buy stuff for people. A monthly donation will be appreciated, but is not required. 


The staff:

-IAmSalt Salty, CEO and Founder of Steel Space Divison


Requirements for Steel Space Division (STSPD):

-A bit of experience in EVE Online

-Move to Mesybier, Gallente Space

-A bit of startup money (We'll help when needed, but you should be able to have some money)

-500K Skill points (Lower may be declined)