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We are hosting our own Space Engineers server! This is going to be different from the normal experience, since it will be focused on trading and a currency system. Some basic info will be below. 

Please visit the Wiki with all rules, and an explanation for how everything works.


The server is running the Enhanced Exploration Mod. All their stations and ships are included too. In every NPC station, you can trade items with the station. Some stations will accept everything, some will only accept ores, components etc.  To start trading, follow the instructions on the panels. After you are done, don't forget to press 'Abort' to get your credits (back).


When you trade with the stations, you earn credits (or lose them). Credits are used to buy and sell stuff. Not only can you buy items from the stations, you can also buy new ships and components. Due to SE limitations, most of the ships will be spawned in and Credits will be given to the seller (This should be an admin for new ships, and second hand can be done by anyone).