Major Maintenance coming

Published on 30 June 2020 at 09:28

UPDATE 8AM 7/4/2020: Maintenance has been pushed back to be occurring over the next week.


UPDATE 12:10PM: A disk crash has occured in the Bedwars server. Recovery in progress, however I do not have high hopes. This could result in full loss of Bedwars for the upcoming weeks.


UPDATE 5:07PM: Bedwars has been shutdown to push the update forward.


UPDATE 02/07/2020 2:10PM: Servers Emerald, Bedwars and HUB will all go offline THIS night. All other info below is accurate.


A major maintenance will occur in the night of this Friday (Potentially earlier if possible) to migrate all servers over to a Linux based operating system. This will result in a downtime of about 3-5 hours during 12PM-5AM. Emerald will shut down last, but Bedwars will be offline from the very first second.


Time schedules: (All CEST)

- 12PM: Bedwars shuts down, start migrating it to Linux

- 12:30pm: Bedwars migration complete

- 12:30pm/1am: Emerald, Hub and Bungeecord go offline. Dynamic map will also shut down

- 1:15: Hub and Emerald will reboot together with Bungeecord on a temporary system

- 2am: Emeralds system update complete, transferring files. Emerald will shut down again.

- 2:30am: Emerald, Hub and Bungee will reboot.

- 3am: Emerald, Hub and Bungee have completed startup and final checkouts are being worked on.

- 3:30am: Bedwars will reboot.

- 4am: Hub, Emerald, Bedwars, Bungee and Dynamic Map are all back online. Systems are being monitored.


Do note that these times are estimates, this may take longer!

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