Our Rules

Our server is meant to be a safe space where everyone can enjoy Minecraft in a fun way. To do so we have a couple rules to keep things going smoothly.

Chat Rules

  • English only
  • Do not harass another person with the intention to hurt them
  • No racism 
  • No threats
  • No scams/malicious links
  • Use some common sense

Game Rules

  • No griefing. This will result in a permanent ban.
  • No blocking of people's buildings. This is just not fun for others
  • No scamming. Really, just don't.
  • No hunting of players, unless you got paid to do so.
  • PVP is allowed, however building a base next to someone just for PVP reasons is not okay.
  • No PVP inside of public places.While it can be done for events, it cannot be done for random.
  • No AFK-Fishing. Can get you banned!
  • Use common sense before doing anything.