Project Highway... a project hosted by the staff team of Chaotic's Cave. With this project we try to link up as many people as possible to a central network of ice-highways (I-ways). These roads make travel to others easier and the transport of items.


How can i get my road?

To get your base connected up to the network you will have to pay a price, or get the resources yourself. This is because Blue Ice is not very cheap to get. 

Some road rules...

Because this is a public road there are a couple of rules:

  • The road is Right-side drive.
  • Stopping on the road on something that is not a stop location is not allowed
  • Always follow signs along the way

Signs and indications

We do have a few indications and signs along the road to show things around you, for example: An I-way exit. Here they are:

Iron blocks and Sea Lantern (Arrow)

This means an arrow. The sea lantern is always the direction in which an exit (or guide) is.

Coal blocks with center block (Highway ID)

This indicates another highway (Each highway has a block). These usually are followed by an arrow.

Wool blocks (Numbers)

Wool blocks represent Numbers (List down below). These numbers for a BaseID.

Stacked Lapis (Lane Exitting)

Stacked Lapis represents a lane is going into an exit, and will disconnect from the I-way you are on.

Wool Color to Number:

0 - White Wool (w)

1 - Orange Wool (o)

2 - Magenta Wool (m)

3 - Light Blue Wool (b)

4 - Yellow wool (y)

5 - Lime Wool (l)

6 - Pink Wool (p)

7 - Gray Wool (g)

8 - Cyan Wool (c)

9 - Red Wool (r)

Current network and destinations

I-1 (Gold block)

  • The original Island
  • Shopping island

Baseid list

001/wwo - Spawn

002/wwm - Shopping Island

003/wwb - Grandrusenko

004/wwy - Crash

005 -