You can help us!

This network is not free to host, but is offered for free to everyone! Now,this server will NEVER be a paid server, or a pay-to-win server, as that is just stupid. However, you can still support us. Donations feel like a good way to support us as you are not buying something, but rather helping it.


We currently acept donations through our Paypal Pool, which will also show your name there. Now, this is a temporary system until we get other ways up and running, but it does the job.


What do we use it for?

Donations will be used for the following things:

  • Covering hosting fees
  • Upgrading our server hardware
  • Getting us more severs


What's in it for me?

Well, of course you support the server, which in turn makes the server better due to the reasons above. However donators will also get a few small bonusses:



- Rank Supporter

- Cosmetics for Bedwars lobby (Different per group)

- 15K Emerald Cash

- VIP access on Bedwars (Priority)



- Everything from previous group

- Rank Donator

- Access to exclusive testing

- +15K Emerald Cash (Total 30k)



- Everything from previous group

- Rank Ultimate Donator

- Access to exclusive Testing + Priority

- More input on the future of Chaotic's Cave

- Your MC Head in the Hub/Bedwars Lobby/Emerald Spawn

- +20K Emerald Cash (total 50K)




Now, I do need to add: Do NOT donate if you cannot lose the money. I'd rather have you keep it if you need it. This server can live without it, but it will take a little longer for newer hardware.