Major changes coming to Chaotic's Cave!

Published on 11 July 2020 at 12:10

Changing some changes...

As we all know, Bedwars was a crash festival (or in other words, a failure). Now this is not great as I was hoping it would get some people, but it had an opposite effect. Right now we are again in a dip of channel activity and player counts. Now no one has to explain why, but I feel like it has to do with people's interest in the server. Let me explain.


Let's be very honest, there is not much to do on the server right now. There is Survival, which has always been popular within the community, except that it is not. Some of the OG's may remember the realms days. Those were special times for the server as it was very new. Since the point I took over hosting we hit our player cap, and then player count crashed down to nothing. This cycle seems to always happen. Now I am assuming this has to do with people's interest in the server.


Today I am announcing some major changes to the server, to spice things up again. As we voted a couple days ago, creative WILL be a new thing, however I am planning on more. During Creative's development I will also start working on either one of the following things: Skyblock, Skywars or Duels. You can cast your vote below.

What Game Mode after Creative?

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If Creative and one of these 3 also fail to keep the server more interesting I am officially out of options. This will not mean there is a shutdown, however it will be less actively maintained.


This post ends on a dark note, but I feel like this is the best way to say it. See you soon!

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