New on The Shoppping Island!

Published on 3 July 2020 at 15:13

It's shoppping time...

The shopping island has been open for a little now, and it is getting populated fast. Here is a roundup of all the stores on the island at the moment!


SALTco's nether store

Status: Open

A nether store build by IAmSalt. Sells regular nether stuff.


Go dye, y.e.e.t co

Status: Open

Go Dye is Yeetcord's Dye shop. It sells all dye colors used for wool, concrete and more.


Edgar's Wood store

Status: Under Construction

A wood store by Edgar.


Trueidentity's bread store

Status: Open

A small little store on the mountain with not much to offer, except bread. Only and always only bread. Cheap price, nice location and a big arrow!


Jor67's End store

Status: Open

A small little End store on the hill. Sells Shulker Boxes and Elytra's (at the time of writing).


saltco's concrete store

Status: Open, Under construction

An under construction Concrete store by IAmSalt. This store sells all types of concrete.


If you are now inspired to start your own store, you're in luck! It is still possible to do so. Follow THIS link and check out the price sheet.


That's it for now. See you around!

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