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Published on 2 July 2020 at 11:16

We Want More, We Want More!

If you have talked to me you already know this, but we got another server machine ready! This machine will run a new Game mode and the HUB server. So, what Game mode would you like? Vote in the poll below!

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Downtime, it's needed!

We originally planned downtime to happen between Friday and Saturday, however this has been pushed forward for time reasons. it will now be THURSDAY at midnight (cest). Emerald will stay online until about 1:30am. This means that Bedwars will be down for the majority of the time.

This downtime is required to do some well needed maintenance on our servers, and upgrading them to Manjaro Linux.


Donations, it's not free!

We now accept donations. This is not to earn money form this server, better yet, I am actually spending over $20 per month for power costs. This is getting slightly more but nothing we can't handle. What it is also used for is upgrading our network. Now, it is NOT required to donate anything, but if you feel like you want to help this server, feel free to do so at the link on the right (Sorry mobile users).


That's it for now!

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