The delay on 1.16 explained

Published on 24 June 2020 at 21:24

Waiting is painful..

As we all know, we all have to wait for 1.16. Here I am going to explain why it takes this long.


Spigot and paper

Our server works with Paper, a customized .jar from (PaperSpigot). These guys do a really well job, however rely on another party to update first. this is the case for basically all builds of plugin-loaders.


Now Spigot, the main-main thing is currently not up to date yet, which makes it very hard to update. The reason is because of the developer living in Australia, which messes with time zones. This has caused that they had little time to work and they are currently sleeping.


Now, the code was almost done (as of 1pm CEST) however they are currently asleep. In their morning they will most likely start fixing the last things and push the update. This will take some time, which is why we delayed the opening event until 11am, 25th of June. Hopefully everything will be smooth sailing


All the damn plugins..

Our plugins are not up to date either, as their API is not out yet. We are working on a solution and this will be fixed ASAP. For now we have to hope that not too much breaks!


Thanks for being patience, and stay safe!

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