Get ready for 1.16!

Published on 18 June 2020 at 10:59

It's getting a little warm here...

As you already know (I assume), 1.16 is coming June 23rd (If .jar builders are fast enough). We are going to be back online on (hopefully) the same day! So, what has changed?


Back to the basics

We are getting a new map. This map will be based on the very first map the server had (The islands from Realms). Get ready for some nostalgia and some good fun on the old map we all love!


Time to heat it up

Ofcourse, coming with 1.16 is a new nether. This new nether will be here (duh). This time we will focus on getting it a little bit better organized over there with a warp and small *spawn*.


Plugging it in

All our old plugins will be back (except Dynamic Map). There may be some changes on the roster, but for now it looks like they all will make a comeback! Get ready for a great time!


Taking it Live

The opening event will be live-streamed on . Over here will also be time to talk with me and get in touch with the community!


That's all for now! See you soon on the server!

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