Server News - PVP, The Mall and more!

Published on 7 April 2020 at 13:11

Welcome to this weeks server news. This week I am writing about the PVP system, updates about the mall, the player shops and more!



Last week we enabled the PVP system. Seeing the results, it stays on. This means there will be more PVP focused events coming soon. Also, killing random players is allowed, but keep in mind that you do not do it too often!


The Mall

The mall is losing shops fast, as new stores are being made (more info below). Currently the Wood Store and Glass Store are closed. The Stone Store is the next on the list, as it is being build by Grandrusenko.

Player Shopping Island

The island has been getting bigger and currently there are 3 stores located on it. The goal is to replace the old mall with player-made shops to keep the economy from imploding. Read more here.


Screenshot submission

We need some screenshots from the website. If you found something nice, or want to show off your base, send @julian#3604 a PM and maybe your work may be featured!



That's it for today. See you next week!

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