Update 1.2.0 - New Player Shop Area

Published on 4 April 2020 at 16:08

Hello everyone, and welcome to update 1.2.0. In this server update I made some changes to how player shops will be working.


Shop Changes

The old shopping mall is now available using /Warp Mall . There are no other changes to the mall. There will be major changes in the future, but for now I am keeping the same rules.


Shopping Island

We now have a new shopping island available for player shops. These do have prices, but that means you will not have to pay for a warp there. You can go to this island using /warp Shop . 

Size Price (One time)
10x10 $5 000
15x15 $8 000
20x20 $10 000
30x30 $14 000
40x40 $18 000
50x50 $25 000

These area's do have a couple rules of course:


  • The area cannot be used as a storage space and/or living space, Quarry or farm. It needs to be a store.
  • The store has to be somewhat decent looking. It does not have to be the best looking store ever, but make it look okay.
  • You cannot make a hole that goes to into the ground too far, except for basements.
  • Your store needs to be open within one week of purchase. Not being open may result in the lot being resold.
  • Keep your store restocked as much as possible.


That is it for this update. Please report any issues to @Julian#3604 on Discord.

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