Inviting is Rewarding!

Published on 3 April 2020 at 11:37

In an effort to attract new people to our server, I am launching the Inviting is Rewarding program.


How does it work?

When you invite someone to our server, you can request a recruitment reward from @Julian#3604. You will have to make a screenshot of the invited player being online, and I need to be able to confirm that this player is indeed invited by you (A Discord name, a chat that confirms it etc.).


What do you get?

Recruiter - 1 Invite

  • $5.000,- In-game money


Recruiter - 2 Invites

  • $10.000,- In-game money


Recruiter - 5 (or more) Invites

  • $10.000,- In-game money
  • Recruiter rank on the Server


Rewards for invited person

  • $5.000,- In-game money
  • Special kit for the invited person.
    • Iron helmet/Chestplate
    • Iron Pickaxe (EF. 1)
    • Stone Shovel (EF. 1)
    • Stone Sword (EF. 1)
    • Stone Axe (EF. 1)

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