To have a nice experience in the Universe, we need some rules. Breaking them can result in punishment. For instance we could impound your ship/station, kick or ban you.

Global Rules

  • Be respectful in (voice)chat
  • Only use voice chat when needed, do not overuse it
  • Station camping is not allowed. The minimal distance from a station should be 1km.
  • Only attack ships that are newer then The Aruma.
  • Claiming more than one Aruma is not allowed.
  • Do not clutter the Airlocks on stations.
  • Do not log out in front of the Quarters. Doing so could get you killed for obstruction.
  • Keep your transponder enabled at ALL times, with an exception of stealth ships.
  • When you dock, your Transponder MUST be ONLINE.
  • Stay away from players trading in stations. Their credits are not yours.
  • Attacking NPC stations is allowed, as long as it is far enough away from the Spawn Station.
  • Landing on planets is allowed, but there is no Ship Dealer set up there yet.