Project FPS: The Beginning

Published on 7 September 2020 at 14:32

Let's get going!

Welcome to the first development log for Project FPS (Name Pending). This will be a released game (at some point) and I will be working on it over the coming months.


The idea

The goal of this game is to make a simple Ardadey(tm)-style game set in an arena. For every kill you get a point. When time runs out, player with most points wins the game.


12pm, 06-09-2020

I started this project around Noon. I was trying to change my style for once, and instead of using complex graphics tune it down a little bit and make it simpler. I also planned out the vision of this game and how it works.



Movement is really important, and it has to be perfect for a game like this. It is fast-paced, but still not too fast. You can jump, though not too high.



I also started adding a simple pistol as a placeholder. It did not have a cap on fire-rate yet so it looked a little stupid. But it worked!


6pm, 06-09-2020

It is now 6pm. Started work on MP and polishing the movement. More down below.



Oh boy, this is probably the most annoying yet fun part of the project so far. I am using UE4 as my engine, and their networking is really well to prevent cheating, but my man if you want to do something very basic you MUST verify it or it won't work. So I spend from 3pm to 9pm just trying to keep it working (it does now).


12am, 07-09-2020

It's midnight! Some stuff has changed again and I did my first multiplayer test.


MP Test

The goal of this test was to see if it mp worked how it wanted it to. So I invited a couple people to try it out. It took some setting up time but we all managed to join the game and had a ton of fun just trying out the netcode. Now, it was not perfect. Respawning was buggy at best and hitreg did not really work sometimes, but it showed that MP is in fact possible.


All dem guns

I also added 2 more guns to the arsenal. This is all of them:

  • Pistol - 15 dmg - 7 ammo - ~0.15s firerate
  • Rifle - 19 dmg - 30 ammo - ~0.35s firerate (limited by authentication)
  • Sniper - 100 dmg - 1 ammo - 2.0s firerate

The rifle caused its own set of issues, which show me that it is not really possible to run at a higher automatic firerate then 0.35s due to authentication. This is not too big of a deal since there are not really any more automatic weapons being added (for now).


That's it for now!

- Saltylelele, Founder of


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