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Store Manager

Store Manager


Build your store form the ground up. Starting in a small store, you can work your way up and unlock more items to make your store better. The only limit is your imagination.



To keep your store running, you will need to order stuff. Cargo is the most important thing. Running out of cargo may cause your store to go under! Ordering cargo does cost money, so make sure you save enough!



Manage your store in the details. See where your money is going, and how much you get! Manage your employees, train them, or if they don't do their job, fire them! Keep customers happy, see competitors and reach number one


Store types

You will not be limited to what type of store you can make. From an electronic store to a pharmacy, its up to you! In Early Access there will only be an electronic store available due to development focus.


Still not convinced?

Its free, and we will stay free forever. Donations are always welcome, and these will be used to get us on Steam