NVA Market Bot

So, you need some help with the market bot? We got you covered!

Note: All fields with [ore] are compatible with NVΛ's Emoji system.

* These commands need a special permission that needs to be given to you.

Market information

;price [ore]

Command to check the price of an ore.

ore = The ore you want to see the price of. You can use an emoji too!


See a price list of all ores. The change between the current and previous price is shown.

;setprice [ore] [price]*

Command to update the ore price if ,read reported a wrong value.

ore = The ore you want to change

price  = The new price

;read [attached image]*

Command to mass update all ores.

attached image = A screenshot of the Auction house. Make sure no ores are selected with the "selection color" in SB.

Stock wallet


Registers you into our wallet system. Needed before any other command below works.

;buy [ore] [amount] [optional:price]

Buy an ore from the market. Still need to do it in-game too!

ore = Ore you'd like to buy.

amount = The amount of stacks you want.

(optional)price = The price at which you buy it. Leave blank to buy at the current market price.

;wal [optional:ore] [optional:id]

Shows all (of a certain ore) / detailed information about an ore.

(optional)ore = If empty, shows everything in the wallet, else it shows the list of that ore.

(optional)id = Shows detailed info about a specific ID. Default (if one stack in wallet) is "0".

;sell [ore] [id] [optional:amount] [optional:price]

Sells ore stock you bought earlier.

ore = The ore you want to sell.

id = The ID of the wallet entry.

(optional)amount = The amount you want to sell. Leave empty or set to -1 for all.

(optional)price = The price you want to sell at. Defaults to market price..

Extra commands


Brought you here :D


Shows information about your privacy. We care, you should too!


See how our Emoji support works.


A simple command showing the version and some basic info.