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Introduction to EEM

The Enhanced Exploration Mod (From now on called EEM) is an expansion for Space Engineers. It features random stations, ships, encounters, and so on. I'll start with explaining every faction first.


[CIVL] Civilian - These are just random people. NPC Created. - Friendly unless attacked
[SEPD] Police - The police. When you attack something or someone, they'll chase you down - Neutral unless called in for help
[UCMF] Military Forces - The police's backup. - Neutral unless called in for help
[ISTG] Independent Traders - friendly
[MMEC] 'Medveds' Military Elite Corporation - Aggressive space pirates. - Hostile
[AMPH] Amphion Corporation - Neutral
[KUSS] KUS Shipyards - Neutral
[HS] Hyperion Systems - Neutral
[MA-I] Mahriane Industries - Friendly
[EXMC] Extraterrestrial Mining Corporation - Friendly


For all the standings to work you MUST create your own faction! (Or join one)


Most of these factions have their own stations, with trading posts. There you can trade items for currency called 'Credits'. More info on the 'Credits' page. For info about trading, visit 'Trading'.