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Overtaken | Announcement

Published at March 14, 2019 at 12:10 PM

A game by Alpha Development

After being a week in development, I am happy to announce our spin on the 2D genre: Overtaken!

Overtaken is placed in a medieval/fantasy-like world, where you complete levels to earn money, weapons and more to upgrade yourself. We have taken inspiration from 2D platformers, RPG's and story games and smashed them together in this project.



The art is made for 90% in a 16x16 pixels format, as seen above. Here are some examples:

The art is created by IAmSalt,Thijs van Dam and Bryan Jansen.

Coding and Engine

The game is coded in C++ and Blueprint, which hints to our engine: Unreal Engine 4(.21). We are fully aware this is not a 2D specialised engine, but the workflow is just too good, and optimization is not hard at all. After having played it with an i5-8300H in ECO mode (Which limits the cores to 4 and the speed to 0.9Ghz, it ran at 55FPS average, which will eman this is not a CPU heavy game. GPU wise is not tested yet, but the game is also not ready to be published yet.


Music and sound effect

At this moment in development, there is none! I am working on adding these in the future, but right now it is not important.


The Mechanics

This is not a typical 2D platformer, we take it a step further. Instead of 'just' completing levels to continue, you follow a storyline (which is also in progress) and complete missions in the levels. It is still a level based game, with chapters indicating the story progress. Our plan is that you can replay levels, butthat is currently still in the making. For now all the mechanics are:

- An inventory system for your weapons, items and coins

- Weapon combat

- Story to follow

- Mission system


There are many more to come soon!

Release date

The release date is unknown.


Stay tuned on AtherGaming for more updates!



Founder and Owner of Alpha Development, AtherGaming and AtherActive.net



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Thijs Films
a day ago

Nice spritework. I wonder who did it. Oh wait i know it was me and someone else. (And 10% by you i'll admit)