Indie Spotlight #1 // Colony Survival

Published on 1 June 2018 at 09:56

Indie games need attention too.

A Colony in Colony Survival.



Colony Survival is a voxel-based First-Person-RTS. You get to run your own colony, recruit colonists and build anything you want. The only limit is your PC/Laptop. It is available on Steam, for $20,-. It is developed by two Dutch people: Zun and Pipliz.


How it works

You can play single- or multiplayer. The moment you start in a world, you get a few basic supplies like wood, copper, some nails and food. You also have a 'banner tool'. With that you can recruit new colonists and place your banner. When placed, you get a certain amount of 'safe space', where monsters won't spawn.


At daytime you'll be safe from any monsters, except if you do not kill them in time. At night time on the other hand, monsters will spawn outside you safe-zone and attack your banner and colonists. You'll need some guards to guard your banner, and colonists. In the ''Early-Game'' State, you can only have Slinger guards, who slingshot stones at monsters. Not too effective, but it does the job for begin game. 


To unlock new items and weapons, you'll need to research technologies. You will need a colonist to do that for you, and every cycle needs an certain amount of items.


Of course, colonists need to eat too. Even to recruit them, you'll need 50 food. To get food you can set up berry farms in the beginning, because it is the only way to get food in Early-Game. Later on, you'll be able to research better ways, like bread.


To get better items, you'll need ore. You can mine it yourself, or let a colonist do it for you. If you mine an ore, it is not infinite. If a colonist does, it is.




Colony Survival is in my opinion a fun game, but it still needs some work to be done.




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