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Game Announcement: Alpha Development's Survival

Published at June 18, 2018 at 1:49 PM

Time for an upgrade.

We're happy to announce that our very first survival game is in development! We can not say anything about the release date, since it is a concept. We'll be releasing info on AtherGaming, instead of here.


The game will be set on an Island, in a low-poly art style. I expect to have the first screenshots ready this week, but that's not sure yet. In the game you'll be able to loot items, weapons, food and more. You can play on Multiplayer, but you can play singleplayer if that's your thing. Base building will be included later on.


To survive you'll need food, water, and shelter. Shelter can be found from the many buildings on the Island. From small towns to a farm, there's always something nearby.


And of course, the game will have a crafting system.


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