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Friday DEVLOG // About Recort's Invasion Remastered

Published at April 20, 2018 at 10:12 AM

Here's the first Friday DEVLOG! Today I'll talk about the game and the development progress.


The Game

Recort's Invasion was an old game where the point was to clear the bots from a certain area. It looked like a good concept, and the foundation for the game was there. But I quickly realised that the code, level design and pretty much everything was a complete mess. For example: If I wanted to add more guns/weapons, I'd have to completely redo the Projectile mechanism and the character. Another problem was the game's performance. The play testers noticed severe performance problems, and extreme FPS drops. 


I quitted the development for the game soon after it's first release, and tried to start up another project. That project would be a game inspired from Kingdoms And Castles. That project was cancelled because performance issues and some problems with the project and it's BP system.


After all this I stopped development for a while, to take a break. Now, I'm going to remake Recort's Invasion. It is probably going to get a new name. It will be created from the ground up, so no old files are there.


Development Progress

Currently I've just made the project, and I've not done anything else.


This was the Friday DEVlog for this week.

See you in the next one!



Founder of AtherActive, AlphaDevelopment and AtherGaming

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