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Recort's Invasion Remake

Published at April 4, 2018 at 10:09 AM

Recort's Invasion Remake

It has been a while before delveopment started up, but today I'm announcing a remake of the first released game: Recort's Invasion!


The game will change a lot, because the old project file is lost. This means that I'll have to start from scratch, which is not a problem. For what I could remember the old project was a mess with too much garbage data that was not needed (that was what the game made so big).

To start: Way better AI. The current AI is pretty stupid, and it needs an upgrade, Also, their tracers will not have a collision, so they wont launch you to the other side of the map anymore.


Talking about the ''map''...

The map will be remade from scratch, and the game will follow a small storyline. You'll also be able to upgrade your weapon and shield, and a better way to find out how to defeat the Recort's.


As said above, the player will get a weapon, so you actually use something to shoot with. The player's tracers will be updated and fixed.


All this will take a while, and some thing might be different then said above.

Signing up for the Closed Alpha will available soon. More info will be our page and Recort's Invasion page.


Thanks for reading, and see you soon!



Founder of AtherActive.net, AtherGaming and Alpha Development

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