Store Simulator: Bug Hunters Edition

Thank you for hunting bugs with me as development continues. Due to current limitations the integrety of the game is not that great, and there will be ALOT of updates.


But you are here to test, so here's a quickstart:


To exit the game in the StoreGamemode, Press the ` key. This opens up a custom console designed for the game. Use the command "exit" to close the game.

Click here to read the changelog for 0.1.4-pre

CMD Commands

CMD Commands are currently the only way to make AI spawn and other stuff. Check out ALL commands before posting requests.



  • game_money_add - Adds $3000 to your money.
  • game_money_infinite - Gives you so much some might call it infinite.



  • game_ai_worker_spawn - Spawn a worker (for registers)
  • game_ai_spawning_activate - Enable customers. This command will be replaced soon.
  • game_ai_worker_state_idle - Sets ALL workers to the IDLE state. Usefull in case they go behind the same register.


Info commands

These commands give you some info in the console.

  • help - Shows all commands ingame.
  • game_print - Prints literally everything in the map.


Obselete Commands

These commands are not really usefull anymore

  • game_forcesave - Saves the game. This can be done form the pause menu in the top-right.
  • game_forceload - Loads a save again. This command is never needed since it is a dev command.
  • game_forcecreate - Creates a save. Unneeded since the game now does this automaticly.


Delete a save file

These two commands are needed to delete a save file (execute them in the order below).

  • game_forcedelete - This deletes the save.
  • game_travel_mainmenu - Travel to the main menu without saving.

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