AtherGaming Update

Published on 29 May 2018 at 09:46

Gaming just got better.


We're updating AtherGaming. It had no real purpose before, so now we're making it a Gaming News source. 


What will be posted

We'll post popular game updates, news, bug-fixed and more. Also, Indie games get a shot here in our spotlight. The posts are in general, so no special genre. Also, you'll find some updates on development of our own games by AlphaDevelopment, and news about the gaming companies.


What won't be posted

Games with a too low player-base will not be posted here. Something like Ravenfield will have no space here, because it has no real player-base. It still could be posted in the spotlight.


Posting will start soon, and you can send us topic to talk about. Of course, we'll credit your name for the topic!


That's all for this site update.



Founder of AtherActive, AtherGaming and AlphaDevelopment

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