Website update and EVE: Online!

Published on 13 May 2018 at 20:39

We're going to space.


In this blog post I'll be covering the website update, some info about Alpha Development and our EVE: Online Corporation.


The website

As you've probably seen, the website got an update. Now, all banners have ben changed and show something from a game. The banner with the two ships is from EVE: Online, the banner with the station from Space Engineers and the last one is from Rainbow Six: Siege. Let us know what you think about them!


Alpha development and game development

As you've probably noticed, Alpha Development has been inactive for a while. This is mainly because development is stuck. The announced game will probably be delayed to 2019. We'll leave a note when development continues.


EVE: Online | Steel Space Division

As you might have noticed, we've the page Steel Space Division. This is our EVE: Online Corporation. Members of AtherActive are allowed to join the corp if they meet the requirements (Check here). We've space for 20 members, and have 5 members at the moment of writing this blog post.


That's all for now. Leave your thoughts below of send us an Email.



Founder of AtherActive,net, AtherGaming and Alpha Development.

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