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Jan 19, 2018

AtherActive has been a gaming community and development team all in one. It was a chaotic way to organize everything, so things are going to change!

From today, AtherActive is splitting into two ''seperate'' communities. Both of them get to use this site, but they will have custom pages, logo's etc.


Not too much will change, but a few things will:

For the Gaming side, it will be called AtherGaming. Also, ALL servers are taken offline and will reset. Some new servers will come online soon, but it will take a while to set everything back up.


For the Development side, it will be called AtherDevelopment. It will get its seperate Discord channels and of course its own page. All games released under AtherActive will be taken offline. Also, development will be paused for now. This will be the inactive side of AtherActive for now.


For AtherActive, not much is going to change. The website will get some updates and a small logo rework (if needed) and the Discord will stay. 


Talking about Discord... 

More of the community is in the Falcon Gaming server. The invite will be on the same page of our Discord page. This is the main server at this moment. AtherActive does NOT own Falcon Gaming, and it is a seperate community!


AtherActive will become more active again with group events and more!



Founder of, AtherGaming and AtherDevelopment.

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Aug 15, 2017

Hi everyone!


The community has its own Discord server now!

You can join by clicking "Connect" on the widget or click here!


Thats all for this time!



Community leader AtherActive 



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